The dating sim also involves courting a cute Russian president

The dating sim also involves courting a cute Russian president, Irina Vladimirovna Putina, and a spacecraft that—hey, what do you know? replica Rolex 118348 Men's Watch looks exactly like a loli-archetype.Watch the 2009 trailer for My Girlfriend Is The President if you want to be further confused and tread lightly to JAST USA's borderline NSFW web site for further details.In 2011, Your Girlfriend Is The President [JastUSA - thanks, Pekka!]”Back in July, we brought word of PC eroge My Girlfriend Is The President. Now, feel free to watch the game's trailer, complete with amazing English language movie guy voice over.

My Boyfriend is Obama [Japan Probe]”Dogs playing football is a video game idea that sells itself, but it never hurts to have a little star power behind your title. Get ready for Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football for the Nintendo Wii.Developer Judobaby has plans to create an entire series of Pet Sports League video games, and it's kicking things off big replica Rolex 116264 Men's Watch with Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football. The Hall of Fame American football wide receiver stars in the game as one of 12 human characters tasked with acting as quarterback to a team made up of canine companions. Rice's own dog, Titus, takes on the role of the league's Official Commissioner.

The game features 12 different playing fields for the dog teams to conquer on their way to winning the coveted Golden Fire Hydrant.You can check out an early version of the game at Judobaby's Games page.Hopefully this will give rise to an entire line of pet-centric sports games. I hear Michael Vick has some excellent ideas for a boxing replica Rolex 116263 Men's Watch title.Jerry Rice teaming with JUDOBABY for dog football game [The Examiner]”Blazing your way through the original Quake from 1996 in less than 60 minutes might not impress hardened speed run enthusiasts, but what about doing so while also nailing 100% completion in Quake on its hardest difficulty?

Trailer [YouTube]”Today's shooting gallery games take advantage of high-tech infrared sensors and cameras

replica Rolex 118348CBR Men's Watch Trailer [YouTube]”Today's shooting gallery games take advantage of high-tech infrared sensors and cameras. Back in the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, things were much r.As a child I spent countless hours firing away at video game ducks with my NES Zapper light gun, but I wasn't actually firing anything. If anything, I was just recording light levels. The fine folks at Today I Found Out put old school light gun technology into perspective for me.The Zapper really only consisted of two working parts: The trigger, and a photodiode.

When the trigger is pulled, the photodiode kicks into gear, recording light levels from your television screen (usually, at least.) Once the NES realized you were firing, the entire screen would go black for a single frame. On the next frame, the area your target duck was in flashed white. If the photodiode registered the change from black to white, that meant you were pointing the gun in the right direction. For multiple targets, multiple target frames flash in sequence, telling the game which target was hit.It's really an replica Rolex 118238DD Men's Watch elegant little system, although early versions of the Zapper could be fooled into high scores by simply pointing them towards a bright light source, something I never did when anyone was looking.Check out the link below for more fun Zapper facts.How the Gun on the Original Duck Hunt Game Worked [Today I Found Out]”Splitsider put together a list of the ten funniest video games of 2010 today.

Among the gut-busters is Fallout: New Vegas, Super Meat Boy and Hamlet.That's right Hamlet, a game that Splitsider says is an “ironic take on the Shakespeare play, if it were adapted by terrible game developers.” Sold.Hit up the site to check out the full list, including the top choice.The 10 Funniest Video Games Of 2010 [Splitsider]”Adult dating sim My Girlfriend Is The President, the loli-political erotic adventure that piqued our curiosity last year, is getting an official release in English, so non-Japanese speakers replica Rolex 118208 Men's Watch can see what it's like to “date” schoolgirls-of-state and alien ships.JAST USA will release a localized version of this erotic game curiosity for the PC in 2011, which puts players in the role of the friend of the president of New Japan, a doe-eyed schoolgirl named “Ohama,” thrust into the position after a cataclysmic event.

over at Indigo Tribe that the cover and one interior page both show a bunch of alien members of the Green Lantern Corps

the one power that the Guardians have no power over. At least, not back in the day.It's also been pointed out, over at Indigo Tribe that the cover and one interior page both show a bunch of alien members of the Green Lantern Corps — and one of them is a Pierson's Puppeteer, one of the aliens from Niven's Known Space books!A lot of the replica Rolex 118209 Men's Watch stuff that Niven introduced to the Green Lantern universe has been tossed out since then, in the many waves of reinventions and reboots that Green Lantern has gone through. But his attempts to take some of the goofier aspects of Green Lantern lore and replace them with hard science (including the giant hand at the dawn of creation, and the idea that viewing the origins of everything unleashed “evil”) have helped bring Green Lantern a lot closer to being one of the all-time great science fiction universes.

[via Indigo Tribe and Scans Daily]”Not too surprisingly, it was a pair of Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS that sold better in Japan than anything else. Also not shocking is that the top ten games are dominated by titles for Nintendo platforms.Pokémon Black and White moved nearly 4.5 million copies in 2010, followed most closely by New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, which scared up more than 4 million sales overseas. The replica Rolex 118348CDP Men's Watch only game in the top ten not to appear on Nintendo hardware was Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3.Sales tracker Media Create's numbers only run until the end of November, so one game is noticeably absent from the list: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP.

God Eater Burst (PSP) - 388,06530. Sengoku Basara 3 (PS3) - 385,302”Square Enix's next Final Fantasy fighting game for the PSP will, at the very least, have some very handsome cinematics stuffed onto a UMD, as proven by the latest Japanese trailer for Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy.See new contenders and old replica Rolex 118208CDD Men's Watch favorites from Final Fantasy games new and old in the newest trailer for the PlayStation Portable game, which was recently shown at the Jump Festa 2011 event. Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy is due to hit PSPs in Japan and Europe in March, with Square Enix currently dating the game for North America during the spring.

he inadvertently caused the universe's beginning and end to be connected

Krona tried to view the beginnings of creation by looking ahead, at the end of the universe, and looping around — but he inadvertently caused the universe's beginning and end to be connected, so that entropy was unleashed.It's a well-established fact in the DC Universe that if you try to view the beginnings of creation, you'll see a giant replica Rolex 118206-SD Men's Watch hand, showing that the Guardians were there at the beginning of everything. But this is actually a lie, created to protect the Guardians from enemies who might try and travel back through time and attack the Guardians when they were just the puny Maltusians.

But the existence of this illusion at the beginning of time goaded Krona into wanting to see the origin of the universe for himself, thus causing entropy, so one Guardian, named Dawlakispokpok, plans to remedy matters.According to a replica Rolex 118206-BLR Men's Watch recent review posted at The Indigo Tribe:Hal and Ganthet are quickly defeated and captured, and “Dawly” explains to his prisoners that it was he who created the “giant hand” illusion in the first place simply to prevent other beings from seeing the true origins of the Maltusians. They were a weak and warlike race just like any other with no real claim to universal authority.

Dawly plans to remove the illusion from the timestream so that Krona will not damage the universe in the past. Unfortunately, Dawly and his family end up causing the very accident that Krona was blamed for in the first place. Dawly is killed, but his wife and son surrender.Apart from fleshing out the origins of the Guardians and explaining what really happened with Krona — who's still an important figure in the Green Lantern replica Rolex 118238 Men's Watch mythos today — Ganthet's Tale also introduces Ganthet, a Guardian who played an important part in the Green Lantern comics of the 1990s, including giving Kyle Rayner his ring.The coolest moment in the comic comes when Hal is fighting Dawly's kids, who also have Green Lantern powers, and he flies away from the battle — but not because he's scared. The Green Lantern ring-beam is a standing wave of light, and if you get far enough away, it shifts from green to yellow —


the doors of gnar-shredding boarders all over the replica Corum 84040.111110 Lady watch

With new laws in place for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the World Anti-Doping Agency, USADA, and the International Skiing Federation (FIS) are wreaking havoc on snowboardings long-cherished lifestyle and culture, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times. Agents are banging down the doors of gnar-shredding boarders all over the replica Corum 84040.111110 Lady watch United States, cup in hand, for random screenings.From an anit-doping standpoint, we do not want people using marijuana, said USADA chief executive officer Travis Tygart. Even out-of-competition, they need to make a decision that is in their best interest.Even before snowboarding became an Olympic sport in 1998, snowboarders have traditionally distanced themselves from the cultural norm.

If the tolerance to say, Hang send womens cultural position, a start from a unique aesthetic sense to reach areas. Womens Garment, however, to develop and grow, there is such a cultural awareness is not enough. As early as 2001, China Academy of Fine Arts Associate Professor, China Top Ten Fashion Designers may Zhang Xin said: Concord replica watches The overall culture of womens awareness of Hangzhou is still in a hazy culture itself stage. While the South China University of Technology School of Business Administration, Deputy President Chen Chun-hua believes that too much emphasis on womens Hang sending local culture.

Besides at the 10 a.m. start line in Buena Vista this morning, we didn’t see much of the race’s top competitors, folks like Kami Semick, Hal Koerner, Nikki replica A Lange&Sohne watches Kimball, Dean Karnazes, Caitlin Smith, Anita Ortiz, Prudence L’Heureaux, and Devon CrosbyHelms. And they all finished in about half the time (top times were around 2 hours, 20 minutes) it took Kristy and I to trudge to the end. Hillary Step - 1 hour or lessOne of the most exposed section of a south side climb is crossing thecornice traverse between the south summit and the Hillary Step. But theroute is fixed and wide enough that climbers rarely have issues.